Monday, 29 September 2014

Diomira Thumbnails

These are my abstract thumbnails for the city of domes and god statues Diomira. This city is one of the more interesting that I have looked at. It reminds me of cities in old sword and sandal movies like clash of the titans.

Taking inspiration from old greek architecture and their agricultural lifestyle I included a lot of market stalls into my work and statues clad in armour or robes as a reflection of the inspired area.

All my thumbnails are still very abstracts and rough looking but I will be developing my ideas soon enough.


  1. Hi Lewis. Don't forget to label your drawings, makes it easier for us to say which particular thumbnails caught our eye. :)

  2. Of course, how could I forget that haha. Ill change that now, thanks for the advice Heidi :)

  3. Your classmate, Dan Reason has a new blog url after some tech gremlins messed with his original - please add him to your reading list, as he's been follower-less since day one :(