Monday, 22 September 2014

First Day: Photo Shop Tutorial

First day of the course that will consume the next three years of my life. First time using a drawing tablet and I can confidently say that it has already thrown me right off. I'm so used to traditional forms of art that using a digital medium is very jarring. It doesn't feel natural at all but I must persevere.

Too ease us into the new format we started with a few examples of different brush strokes that are available through photoshop and I can see just how useful they can be, especially to an environmental artist. There are so many ways to give items and objects huge amounts of texture and life that its quite amazing. 

Then came the part of the tutorial that I am useless at, drawing quickly to produce thumbnails based on extractions. I have never been a fast drawer so trying to produce one small image a minute without focusing on any detail pains me. I love to be able to make highly detailed drawings and often sacrifice a lot of time to things that I really shouldn't. It's just the way I am. 

However after a while I did start to get used to using the tablet and producing small drawings but I still have A long way too go.

Images of the work we completed in photoshop will be coming soon as will the write up on the Maya Tutorial that we also went through today.

Time to get practising. :)

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