Saturday, 27 September 2014

Influence Map's continued

Influence Map 3: Later on in the day I decided to go towards the animation side of city design starting with an anime that I recently watched and loved, called soul eater. All of the designs in soul eater are very impressionistic and Gothic, with a cartoon'y twist added to it. This helps to give the world an interesting feel and atmosphere.

Huge cities built up in layers, resembling Minas Tirith from The lord of the rings books and towers built onto the back of giant mechanical spiders. Every arch of this anime has vastly different environment design that helps to keep it fresh whilst wowing the audience. Keeping them hooked.

Influence Map 4: This series of images is taken from the anime Kill la Kill, one of my favorite animes of all time. It continues the idea of a city built up in rings but achieves it with a more normalized design in some shots but making it look more menacing and twisted later on in the story to reflect the plot and how it progressively gets more and more insane and unimaginable. I love the art style that has been used in this anime for everything from the characters to the environments making changing the style to reflect the story at that point, moving from soft and light hearted to harsh and violent later on.

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