Thursday, 25 September 2014

Photoshop Thumbnails: Workshop 1

During our first Photoshop tutorial we were introduced to 4 of Calvino's cities and were asked to create a series of quick thumbnails to try and in-vision the way we saw the cities.

I discovered during this day that I am not one for working quickly, I get angry quite frequently about the way my work looks and tend to spend way too long on smaller pieces. So I see the benefit of being made to create lots of very quick sketches as a way to loosen my hand up and get me churning out Ideas very quickly.

I still don't like working quickly, even after the session but I know see the idea behind them and will continue to practise and move forward with my ideas.





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  1. Hi Lewis, I'm Heidi a second year on the course. :) I'm your mentor to help you with the first few weeks at Uni. You'll see me popping up on here now and then checking on how you're getting on and answering any questions you may have.

    My email is: - email me if you have any problems. :) See you around!