Monday, 22 September 2014

The Return Of the Pig Tail Girl: First Night with the Tablet

My first evening spent with my new tablet has been an incredibly fun experience. Learning how to mimic the same style I have in traditional forms is coming much easier now then it did during the tutorial this afternoon.

At first the brush strokes and the way lines are created digitally threw me off but once I sat back and ran through a few test images I was able to get the hang of it, leading to the creation of the this small character that I have uploaded.

It marks the return of an old character from my Final Project during the Foundation course I was a part of. During this course I came up with a female character who would become a central part too many of my sketches and bigger pieces. This character was known as my pig tail girl.

Here she Is. I welcome some criticism its always appreciated. I'm very knew to Photoshop and the tablet so I have probably made some silly errors.

I only coloured the hair for now as I wanted to see some reactions before I moved ahead and attempted the rest of her.

I hope to see any feedback that can be offered.

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