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Older Movie Review: Edward Scissor Hands

Edward Scissor Hands Movie Review
Lewis Maddison

Figure 1: Movie Poster

Edward Scissor hands could be considered one of Tim Burton's final masterpieces of film making before the continuous remakes of classic movies that paled in comparison to their predecessor's. An original movie with a unique design that sits in the minds of audience's for years after viewing, and is often related to in newer works, either in production design. atmosphere or fantastical character design. "Fine performances all around, particularly from Depp"(Tv Guide, 2008).Johnny Depp plays the innocent yet terrifying Edward perfectly, achieving a mix of humour and dark ideals in one character. 

Edward Scissorhands
Figure 2: Johnny Depp as Edward

Perhaps the biggest achievement in this movie is the incredible environment design that has been used. At the heart of the movie we have your typical 1950's American suburb, incredibly bright colours, interesting shapes and incredibly stereotypical characters from that time period. However this is overshadowed by a piece of architecture straight out of Burton's twisted mind. At the end of the Suburb is a monstrous, mountain, with Edwards Gothic castle sitting atop, looming over the town. Creating an incredibly original and interesting contrast in the film's tone. We have the normal people at the bottom trying to live there lives shortly after a devastating War, wanting to define themselves through the colour's and item's that they choose to adorn their bodies and houses with whilst up above we have this dark, yet beautiful castle as if it was something out of Bram Stokers Dracula creating a "Moody and bizarre modern fairytale that works on a number of levels" ( Plath, 2005)

Figure 3,4: Edwards Home

The character of Edward is where this movie really shines. Taking a character that would normally be incredibly frightening to people in real life and making us as an audience care for the character instead of fear him."Burton and Johnny Depp are at their dual-career best"(Weinkauf, 2011)Edward's reactions to our world and the way's he finds to cope with us is incredible, almost child like. Creating works of art that make him happy in a world where people don't really understand him or try to use him for their own benefit. 

All in all this movie is probably the last Tim Burton film that could really be considered truly a Burton-esque movie. His later movie seem to lose there effect on the audience like this movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in seeing Burton at his best. Although not one of my favourites, it is still one of the best movie's that I've seen in a long time. 


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  1. Hi Lewis,

    See my previous comments re highlighting, font, referencing etc!

    Make sure that the quotes you use are really useful for backing up your argument or discussion - here you have used a couple that do not really add anything to the analysis,
    'Fine performances all around, particularly from Depp'
    'Burton and Johnny Depp are at their dual-career best'

    Although you have been asked to write a 'film review', it is not supposed to be a review in the sense that you are 'marking it out of ten' - you need to be really getting under the skin of what makes the film special; use your knowledge from the lecture series to unpick the ideas that surround the film. So when you use the quote, 'Moody and bizarre modern fairytale that works on a number of levels', you need to go on to explore what these 'number of levels' are. On the same theme, avoid getting personal; keep your writing in the 3rd person, and don't say 'I think' etc. There is a guide on myUCA for writing in the 3rd person - it is in the Unit 'Invisible Cities', Teaching Materials, 'Essays and Articles'...Academic Writing - Hints and Tips.