Saturday, 31 January 2015

Character Design: Week 4

Our 4th week of character design had us looking at an aspect that we had already covered before and one that we will be needing to focus on to complete our Animation project. The first being character design and the second being story boarding.

To start off Justin gave us a theme and a story idea/ situation, then we had to come up with a character (or characters) and a story to go with the things given. I was given Ghost's and an Awkward date. Something that could work incredibly well together.

To start with I came up with a story idea that I thought was rather funny. A man goes on a date, and the person he is meeting dies halfway through the date. Leaving the ghost of the woman to complete the date whilst other people around them start to freak out. 

Here is the character that I cam up with. It's not my best work by the general design I like a lot. I imagined a woman staying beautiful even after death but still being unable to avoid the obvious side effects of being a (cartoon) ghost. Mainly the spectral type tail that engulfs the legs. So I made the dress shorter and had the tail curling up behind her.

I also wanted to leave here with any personal effects that she may have had with her when she died, in this case a handbag. I also wanted to add a slight comedic element to the character to I added in these little, cute ghosts that surround her as she is sitting at the table. Just something to show the world that she now inhabits.

Enough of the character, we then needed to create a storyboard for the story that we created. As you can see I didn't get very far. I wanted to show a man who feels down on his luck, as his date hasn't shown up yet. Feeling a little disheartened until she finally shows up and the fun can begin.

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