Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Story Idea: Horror part 2

As promised here is the next development in My story. This time I decided to Bullet point the three different acts and try to tone down some of the details, whilst retaining the same themes as the original draft. 

 Act 1:

  • Circus Appears in Town Overnight
  • Creates an unsettling/eerie vibe in the town
  • Two sibling's and Mother Enter
  • It's quiet, seemingly abandoned
  • Faint sound of children singing, echoes around the grounds
  • Approached by the owner of the Circus owner
  • Whisks the parent away
  • Children are drawn to a monolithic Bouncy castle
  • Enter the doorway and the world goes black.

 Act 2:

  • Children awaken in a dark workshop (Half stuffed animals lie everywhere, a layer of dust covers them)
  • Reams of thread is strewn across the ceiling and floors like spider webs.
  • A faint bulb beings to swing 
  • Tiny pattering can be heard, the two children back into a corner, sister shielding brother.
  • Dozens of little voices giggle and whisper in the darkness.
  • Wide eyes and smiles fade in around them
  • Voices begin to hum, "I've got no strings on me"
  • Song gets louder and louder then stops, as heavier footsteps appear,
  • The footsteps get closer and closer
  • Taxidermist appears out of the void, barely lit by the failing bulb
  • He inspects the children then whispers "Welcome to the Family"
  • The light goes out. "Meet your brothers and sisters"

Act 3:
  • A group of what appears to be children begin to clamber forward, over each other
  • Twitching and spiraling, falling as they move. (each child, scarred and stitched together, Electrodes protruding from their skin)
  • They clamber over the two children, clawing, biting, separating.
  • Both brother and sister are strapped to tables.
  • A bright light hangs above, blinding them
  • Taxidermist stands over them, produces a knife then smiles. The camera fades to black as screams are covered over by humming and laughter. 

As always some feedback would be really appreciated, as I want to get this component out of the way as quickly as possible and start designing. 

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