Thursday, 26 February 2015

Continued Research: Hookworm

Upon further research on the Hookworm, I am starting to find articles, demonstrating some of the more beneficial sides of being infected with a Hookworm. According to previous research the Hookworm can help to alleviate and even cure the symptoms of food allergies in the host, which could be incredibly helpful to people who suffer from these sorts of afflictions.

They have also been shown to cure or help with inflammatory bowel disease and Asthma. This is due to the worms saliva which changes the immune system of the hosts body, stopping it from overreacting to things that cause allergies.

“Surprisingly, hookworm infection is known to have a beneficial effect on health. Published studies have shown that hookworms can cure or alleviate allergies such as inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies and even asthma. The worms produce saliva that changes the immune system to stop your body overreacting to the things that cause allergies,” (Dr. James Logan)

For people choosing to look at hookworm, I think these would be some useful links to look at.

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