Friday, 6 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Hookworm Thumbnails. 1-17

These are some of my Initial Ideas for my Hookworm design. I want to make my animation a little bit more Science Fiction and dark, as I am not trying to target younger children, I am aiming for Older people who Like me get much more invested in things and learn more when a topic or lesson has some form of scary or dark theme to it. 

Right now my designs are incredibly Alien-esque which is a problem, I was just having a bit of fun with the drawings and seeing what they would come out like. I want to use Alien as an influence but this may be a bit too close. Tell me what you think.

As you can see I am going for the sharper, more threatening design with my worm, and having them grow and sprout out of eggs at the start of the Animation before the rest of the story Continues. 

These drawing's were done quickly with charcoal, as I wanted to try and get a feel for the shapes of the worm and the way it may move when animated. 

These designs are the last few before I start to actively move away from the Alien design and try some more Ideas. I like these designs a lot and it will be hard to choose something else, but we will see in the coming days. 

1 comment:

  1. I can certainly you had a lot of fun drawing these. I like no. 16 and no. 12. No. 12 to me looks like it has angry eyeholes or black, angry-looking beady eyes.

    Maybe consider a different egg design though. It's a nice reference towards the Alien series but like you said it's a bit too close to the source.