Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Story Telling and Commission: Soundscapes Final

(Audition files wouldnt upload so here is a link to the you tube video)
(Soundscape 3 is just uploading onto Youtube now so It will be added onto this post when it has done)

Image 1: Ocean Plant

Image 2: HeLa Cell

Manipulated Sounds: Image 1

Manipulated Sounds: Image 2

Non Manipulated sounds:

These are the Non Manipulated Sound's that I collected for my Soundscapes. They vary from simple sounds like me dragging my nails along my desk, rain and wind and then some more complicated sounds like the electricity I needed to record for my first image. I was able to get a recording of this noise by running up to my old secondary school and asking to sit in with some of the younger students who were playing around with some circuits and electrical equipment.

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