Monday, 6 July 2015

Fantastic Voyage Mega Post

A quick update showing everything I've been doing over the past few days.

To start with I had a look at the scene where the hookworm enters the body. Originally I had a scene depicting the Hookworm, slithering up into the foot, in a really unbelievable way. Having the worm move through skin that didnt even tear was one of the things that bothered me about the whole scene in general, so I decided to change it this time round.

Starting with a basic model of a boot, I wanted this version to depict the PoV of the worm as it slithered towards the host and entered its body. I achieved this by moving the camera quickly through the environment and keeping it close to the ground. Sweeping around rocks and it homes in on its target.

I started by taking my original scene and importing a previous scene on top, To give me more of an environment to utilize

Then I moved onto modeling a basic boot to give the worm a target to go for, then placed it into the scene where needed.

From here on it was just a case of animating the camera in the movements of the worm, the rest will be achieved with After effects in the editing stage.

I wanted to include some smaller scenes into my animation so I started on modeling one of my eggs exploding open. This just required using the scene I used to model my original egg, selecting the shatter dynamics once again and then moving the shards around to give a convincing effect of the egg cracking and exploding upwards.

Finally I wanted to create a scene reminiscent of the lunge scene from early, but with some more camera movements. To do this I imported some older models and used them to try and create a surprise lunge from the worm.

Starting with the camera and lighting I did some tests on the pan and how to get the perfect lighting for my environment.

This was before I included my green ambient light, which I thought gave the scene overall a more interesting look, rather then this weird, spotlight effect.

After that was completed, it was time to move onto the animation of the worm leaping towards the camera which didnt take too much time to complete, and I am happy with overall. 

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