Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Fantastic Voyage Work Continued

Over the past couple of days I have been changing up a few more of the scenes in my animation, making them brighter and fixing the animations that originally where wonky and inexcusable.

The top image is from the first scene I finished. I have gone back and tested different ways of making the scene a little brighter. I have done this by including some glowing areas to give the impression of more eggs in the area that have already opened up.

After I had completed this I moved onto some my Hookworm Lunge scene. After dealing with a few model issues (the head kept detaching from the body when moved) I was able to make a few improvements.Starting with the textures on both the intestine in the background and the texture on the worm itself. I wanted to make them more organic and for the worm to look shinier. I also included some changes to the environment, including a vein like curtain across the scene to again make it more organic. These were made by creating cv curves, using the grooves in the intestine wall model that I had in the background and then extruding cube's along them, basic stuff really.

The animations have also been changed up, making the worm appear and disappear then interact with the camera towards the end just before the bite. In the end we ended up with a longer, smoother animation which I am much more proud of then my first attempt, which was rather lackluster and looked very sloppy.

Here we have the two new textures I am using, the first made by looking at different snake skin images and combining/ using brushed in photo shop to create, and the second being a mishmash of different meat textures.

Moving onto the next scene I started by adding more camera movements into the scene, having it sweep across the landscape, following the worm as it moved. I intend on redoing the animation of the worm as it moves along the floor, plus I will be including a second or third worm the is moving around in the background, to give an impression that there are more then one.

More updates to follow more frequently, due to having a few days off of work to complete. ( The previs from the last scene failed to upload to youtube so both will be uploaded shortly)

Photo's from the process that I am currently completing.

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