Friday, 9 October 2015

Character: Inital Idea Outline and Mechanics

The cards I randomly chose are the following three;

  • Life
  • Literature
  • Strength 

Initially when thinking about these cards I had no Ideas. Nothing was coming to me, until I started to think more about creating a world, rather then focusing on the mechanics. Once I began thinking about this aspect and Idea eventually formed.

Genre: 2 and a half D. Action plat-former

My initial Idea was based around a center Hub world, The world tree or the Tree of Life, which connects different planes of the universe together. (If you've seen Thor then you will know this) One of these universes belongs to the creatures and characters created by mortals in myths and Fairy tales. These characters are bound to there world and cannot leave except through the original books that there stories where written in, which are kept safe by a reclusive group of  Lore master'a who have lived at the base of the tree since the dawn of time.

The Idea of the game will be centered around the Last of the Lore masters having to traverse the different worlds through the use of the tree in order to save the universe from an ever powerful being and rebuild the dying world tree, with the aid of different Fairy tale characters summoned through their books.

This idea is the strongest idea I have imagined and will be the one I would like to focus on and flesh out a bit more. Mainly on the story side..


The main mechanic of the game will be to summon different characters from Literature through books that the player collects throughout his adventures. Starting with 3 main characters. Each character will have their own strengths and weaknesses that can either aid the Lore master or hinder him in battle along his journey

Alice ( Alice in Wonderland) : Can summon illusions from Wonderland, Effective conjurer... Will consume Random plants and vials found in different locations, resulting in different negative effects.

Red Riding Hood: Can use her hooded cloak to glide to hard to reach locations, Grannies basket provides food to heal companions..... Terrified of wild animals, will refuse to fight.

Ichabod Crane: Can create platforms, stuns enemies though electrical contraptions... Will refuse to fight spiritual enemies.


Different Collectibles to find throughout the game.

Different story pages for stronger characters like Captain Ahab, Big bad wolf etc etc.
World Tree Bark used to restore the World tree to its former glory.
Concept Art

I will be going back over this Idea and refining it more and more over the next few days, to try and come up with a solid story line and iron out some of the plot points. I have also come up with a few deigns for 2 of the characters which I will be uploading shortly..

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