Thursday, 21 January 2016

Paprika Movie review

Satoshi Kon

Somewhat similar to the 2011 movie Inception. Paprika is a story revolved around the idea of dreamscapes and implanting dreams into other people's subconscious. All of this is achieved through the "DC Mini" a device that permits therapists to enter the dreams of their patients to try and identify what is happening in their minds.

The synopsis of the film is incredibly simple at its base level. A device is created that allows therapists to delve into the dreams of their patients. A device that is still in development. Before its final coding could be completed the device is stolen, allowing the thief entry into anyone's mind, implanting ideas that can result in often deadly outcomes.

Paprika's stongest feature is the wealth of interesting characters that Kon has managed to bring to life, with the help of the amazing animation by Madhouse, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Death Note series and the more recent One Punch Man anime. Each character is complex, multi dimensional and extremely realistic. There are no tall, confident heroes or cute princesses here, just somewhat normal people with very real problems.

The lead character Dr Chiba Atsuko displays the main properties of many anime lead characters. Beautiful and talented in their fields (whatever they may be) however she is portrayed as a cold, narrow minded individual with a strict no nonsense code. Although she has another personality that is shown throughout the Movie, The personality that the film itself is named after. Paprika is everything that Chiba isn't. A fun energetic women who acts as the opposite to Chiba's coldness. Creating every thing that is fun and exciting in the world. The transition between these two character's isn't that obvious at first, although later on in the movie we see the two converse and switch between their personalities.

The other main character's are just as colorful. Dr Tokita, Chiba's fellow researcher is a genius with a child like mind, a mind that is often hidden by his extensive weight. Detective Konakawa is our intro into the world and presents our first encounter with Paprika. He is a character with very real worries and issues that he has to overcome throughout the events of the story. Almost as a separate plot to the main one of the film but towards the end it is weaved into the overall story incredibly nicely and fulfilling for the character himself.

The world that Kon has created is one of vibrancy and color. Being brought to life by the amazing animation skills of Mad House. Each frame is beautifully drawn, immersing the audience into the world.

To conclude this review. Paprika is an incredibly immersive movie with a wealth of Interesting character's environments and stories. All tied together in a beautiful world that will enchant audiences who are both familiar with Anime and also those who are not. A great movie to watch but will require multiple viewings or further research to fully understand.


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