Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Art Style Influence Map

Drawing on influences such as Limbo, Trine and Skull Girls. Our animation is aiming to have a kind of 2 1/ 2D perspective. Mixing both 3D models with 2D elements to create a kind of puppet show in which to convey our story.

Narrative: Music Choices

We would need to find some royalty free versions of these types of music or try and create our own, depending on the amount of time we want to commit to the design.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Environment Influence Map

Narrative Group Cards

A new year, a new project. This time round we were tasked with creating a short 2 minute animation based around three different themes which were randomly selected. The cards gave us a theme, a environment and a editing method that we would need to use at some point during the animation.

Our animation will be set in a Circus. My initial idea for the Circus was something similar to the Carnival area in Bio shock infinite. Very vibrant, colorful and full of life, without the racist undertones that was spread out around the area in game.

Our theme to look at is Fate. Once again my initial idea was one of the owners or a worker being followed by death, who will feature throughout the animation, who is trying to end his life. failing many times until he eventually succeeds in the end. This could be a little too morbid for our theme but for an initial Idea I thought it was pretty creative. We may toy with the idea of a fate teller (fortune teller) for the opening scene but that could be either too obvious for the theme or a little too subtle. Its something we will have to think about.

Editing Method
Our chosen editing method is the Metric Montage. Most commonly seen in movies Like Rocky, The Karate Kid and in Parody movies like Team America (which has its own Montage song). This is an interesting Editing method for my initial Idea as you can have each attempt at the main characters life an different frame in the Montage until it dies down at the end and he eventually snuffs it in the final scene.