Friday, 30 September 2016

Minor/Major Project Slight Dump

Over the past week, I have mainly been focusing on getting my dissertation sorted and ready to go, however I have also been throwing some ideas around for my minor/major project. These are my initial Ideas and thoughts on what I want to do, along with some reference links and study pieces. There is not too much to go on at the moment as I am still refining ideas. 

Minor/Major Project Ideas


 Initial Notes

After the slight failure of my final first year project I really wanted to create an animation that nails a creepy, horror aesthetic. Originally I had an idea of conveying a child’s fear of the dark and how things are seen differently at a young age. The story would focus on how the room around the character warps and changes into a more menacing environment.
After doing some research around this topic I remembered a story from when I was very young. My sister woke up screaming in the night as apparently the shadows in our room where laughing at her. With my fear of the dark at that age it was an incredibly terrifying moment that I now feel could become a fairly interesting animation to create.

I started by creating a quick mood board to try and show what types of environments and characters that I wanted to use as sources or inspiration for my animation.

The character's shown in this image are from a fairly new game called Little Nightmares, a game which looks like something Tim Burton would create if he was a video game designer. I love the style and point of view of the child, where everything is much larger then yourself.

After completing this I went and started working on a style for my Sisters character. This is still and ongoing thing and at the moment I am not too happy with what I have created. The weekend will be nailing down my style and working on a script, after having a chat with Alan on Friday.