Monday, 25 January 2016

Dynamics Part 10: Emit From Particles

Dynamics Part 9: Curve Flow

Ill probably return to this tutorial a little further down the line to clean it up. Some of the glow effects weren't working properly which is why it looks a little off right now.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Infographic style research

Through some fairly light research on medical Info graphics, it seems that most of them adopt a fairly simple style. Using small icons to convey organs and medicine, also incorporating motion through the use of arrows/ heart rate monitors and dna strands.
This type of style could come in very handy when trying to convey things like bloodletting and the many different divine influences that are included in the Medieval medical practices.

Ill be doing some more research after the tutorial and experimenting in After Effects to see what I can come up with.

Dynamics Part 7: Per Point Emission

Dynamics Part 5: Volume Emitters

Dynamics Part 4: Directional Emitters

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dynamics Part 3: Omni Emitters

Night Circus Character Descriptions with come environment added.

The Characters that I will be looking to adapt from Erin Morgenstern's "The Night Circus" are the two main characters of the book. Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair. Each have there own unique traits and forms of magic which will aid me in creating a hopefully unique design for them both. I will also include some descriptions of the environment so that I can try and form an idea of the world that these two characters reside in. 

Celia Bowen: As a child, Celia is described as having long, curly brown hair and large dark eyes, whose color is unspecified, but match those of her father. During her childhood, Hector dresses her up in beautiful gowns and she is made to appear like a doll. However, this stops after she grows too old for frilly dresses, and by the time she is a teenager, he father takes a different route: during her time as a spiritual medium, Hector makes Celia wear ragged dresses and his control over her diet causes her to almost starve - eventually, she is allowed to gain weight and become much more healthy.
When Celia auditions for the circus, her face is described as "maintaining a semblance of girlishness", even though she is nearly eighteen by this point. However, it is suggested that nobody knows how old she is. When she speaks during the auditions, her voice is described as calm and low, which echoes the low whisper that she had as a child Her hair is still curly,but after Tante Padva suggests that her hair is too light for the black-and-white color scheme of the circus, Celia darkens her hair color so that it is almost black and it is assumed that this color remains for the duration of the circus.
Celia Bowen is said to retain her age from when she first joined the circus, which is around 18. However due to the slowing enchantments of the circus she would actually be around 34.

Marco Alisdair: When Marco is first introduced, he is described as having badly cut dark hair and grey-green eyes. Due to his life in a orphanage, he is also introduced in extremely ragged clothes. However, after Alexander "adopts" him as his student, Marco's appearance improves; he is treated to private hairdressers and tailors, and his wardrobe consists of expensive, fashionable suits.
However, one of Marco's specialties is the ability to manipulate his appearance, and he uses this skill throughout much of his adult life. Even though the changes are subtle, they are noticeable to Celia Bowen, and are enough to attract the attentions of Isabel and the Burgess sisters upon sight; when using the enchantment, his features become sharper, a goatee appears and his eyes turn to a bright green - the general effect makes Marco appear older than he really is. When Marco and Celia are alone for the first time, she mentions that his "mask"is handsome, but consciously so, and for her the sentiment is off putting. Marco proceeds to drop his guard afterwards, and Celia notes that he is still handsome - from this point on wards,  it is suggested that he only reverts to his normal face when he is in the company of Celia; however, the manipulated face is still visible to everybody else.
Because of Marco's studies and his habit of keeping notebooks, he fingers are constantly stained with ink. Marco also resembles that of a 21 year old, and due to the magic would actually be around 37 by the time of the novel ending. 
Similarities: Both Celia and Marco both share a permanent scar on their ring fingers, which bind them to the challenge they are competing against each other in. 

Environment Descriptions:
"People marvel at the staggering height of the tallest tents.They stare at the clock that sits just inside the gates that no one can properly describe."
"The whole of Le Cirque des Reves (The circus of dreams) is formed by series of circles.....Rather then a single tent with rings enclosed within, this circus contains clusters of tents like pyramids, some large and others quite small. They are set within circular paths, contained within a circular fence. Looping and continuous. 

I need to get further into the book so I will be updating these descriptions as I go along. 

Paprika Movie review

Satoshi Kon

Somewhat similar to the 2011 movie Inception. Paprika is a story revolved around the idea of dreamscapes and implanting dreams into other people's subconscious. All of this is achieved through the "DC Mini" a device that permits therapists to enter the dreams of their patients to try and identify what is happening in their minds.

The synopsis of the film is incredibly simple at its base level. A device is created that allows therapists to delve into the dreams of their patients. A device that is still in development. Before its final coding could be completed the device is stolen, allowing the thief entry into anyone's mind, implanting ideas that can result in often deadly outcomes.

Paprika's stongest feature is the wealth of interesting characters that Kon has managed to bring to life, with the help of the amazing animation by Madhouse, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Death Note series and the more recent One Punch Man anime. Each character is complex, multi dimensional and extremely realistic. There are no tall, confident heroes or cute princesses here, just somewhat normal people with very real problems.

The lead character Dr Chiba Atsuko displays the main properties of many anime lead characters. Beautiful and talented in their fields (whatever they may be) however she is portrayed as a cold, narrow minded individual with a strict no nonsense code. Although she has another personality that is shown throughout the Movie, The personality that the film itself is named after. Paprika is everything that Chiba isn't. A fun energetic women who acts as the opposite to Chiba's coldness. Creating every thing that is fun and exciting in the world. The transition between these two character's isn't that obvious at first, although later on in the movie we see the two converse and switch between their personalities.

The other main character's are just as colorful. Dr Tokita, Chiba's fellow researcher is a genius with a child like mind, a mind that is often hidden by his extensive weight. Detective Konakawa is our intro into the world and presents our first encounter with Paprika. He is a character with very real worries and issues that he has to overcome throughout the events of the story. Almost as a separate plot to the main one of the film but towards the end it is weaved into the overall story incredibly nicely and fulfilling for the character himself.

The world that Kon has created is one of vibrancy and color. Being brought to life by the amazing animation skills of Mad House. Each frame is beautifully drawn, immersing the audience into the world.

To conclude this review. Paprika is an incredibly immersive movie with a wealth of Interesting character's environments and stories. All tied together in a beautiful world that will enchant audiences who are both familiar with Anime and also those who are not. A great movie to watch but will require multiple viewings or further research to fully understand.


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Adaptation Updates

Adaptation B:

After Friday's tutorial, I will be focusing on adapting the Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern) with main focus on the characters. It was advised that I look into the work's of Terry Gilliam, and Jan svankmajer for my inspiration. To create a world that has its dirt and color turned up to 11. A world that is disjointed and colorful.  

The two main characters in this book are somewhat interesting thanks to there use of different types of magics. One being more into illusion's and the other is more of a Ward, protective caster. These could really define the looks and attitudes of the characters into something that would fit well into Gilliam's worlds. Worlds that I am not that familiar with, having only seen The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009).

I am fairly familiar with Svankmajer's work so the next few days will be reading the Night Circus to get a better understanding of the characters and their world, and researching Gilliam some more to get a better feel of the worlds he creates, then seeing how I can mesh the two together into something Coherent. 

Adaptation A:

I need to continue researching some of the facts around the particular area of medicine I am looking at, as the information will be the critical part of the Info graphic. In terms of style it was suggested that a more modern approach would be interesting. Keeping the outdated practices but basing them all in a much more modern style to give the idea of an underlying, sinister feel to the whole project. Whilst also trying to project a little Horrible Histories or comedy into it. 

Mudbox Session: Organic Sculpting

Learning to use the basic sculpting tools. Had to redo this model at home as the file became corrupted whilst I was working on it at uni.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Mudbox session 1

First session In Mudbox, getting used to the interface and the many different paint tools that are available.


Friday, 8 January 2016

Movie reviews: Term 1

Behind The Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Scott Glosserman

In a world where Slasher Icons Myers, Kruger and Voorhees exist and have already wrought terror on their respective neighborhoods. One group of film students receive an opportunity to go in depth into how these killers do what they do, leading them into the world of fear and killers.

Praised by Freddie Kruger himself, Robert Englund. Behind the mask is a new, interesting take on the slasher genre. Combining the classic Friday the 13th, Halloween, slasher movie with a Mokumentary, black comedy style. This style choice is what makes the movie itself unique with Freddy Kruger himself, Robert Englund praising the script resulting in him playing a semi major part in the story.

Essentially set as two versions of the same Movie. Behind the mask starts of as a Found footage, documentary style film. With a group of college students being invited along with a serial killer as he plans out his first mass killing, in the hopes of becoming a supernatural killer like Voorhess or Myers. This is probably the most interesting part of the movie, as now we as an audience get to see how exactly the killers manage to move around so quickly and what it takes for someone to become a horror icon. Its refreshing and interesting when compared to many other modern day slasher movies which often go straight back to the classic Tropes that we all know and love.

Not to say that the tropes aren't in here, they are. Its just that Leslie references them like there part of some Slasher bible that every wannabe killer must abide by. To the point where his is visually excited when his "Ahab" comes out of nowhere and tries to shoot him. You could say that the film itself is somewhat postmodern in this section.

We then come to the day of the Killing spree, and after witnessing the death of one college kid our film crew decides they are going to try and stop Leslie. It's at this point that the movie then becomes your classic Slasher. With Leslie stalking everyone differently to what he showed them, as it is revealed that he had planned everything out from the start.

Behind the mask quickly became one of my favorite horror movies of all time thanks to its interesting new take on the Momentary. Horror style. Giving me a fresh look at slasher movies that I've not had since watching scream when I was much younger.

Comedy Review: The Mighty Boosh


The Mighty Boosh
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt

The mighty boosh is a British comedy show based on several stage shows and radio series. Since then it has spawned 20 episodes and 2 live tours. The show is centered around Vince and Howard, two men who work in an antique second hand store, and the weird and often times surreal situations they get themselves into.

While this show is not many peoples cup of tea, many people praise the show for its interesting use of the surreal to convey humor and the comedy duo of Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett is amazing to watch on screen. Wether they are dealing with a drug infused fox, a crazy man with a polo for an eye or just having a not so normal chat. The chemistry we see on screen is difficult to beat.

The main appeal of this show is the inclusion of colorful, interesting and funny characters. Some recurring and some one off's.There are talking gorilla's who everyone just kind of deals with and never mentions, a small pink head with tentacles for legs and shamans who do nothing but get high and accidentally kill people.  Everyone has there own personality and funny lines that always come out of nowhere.

The brand of comedy in this show is refreshing when you look at the type of comedy that is on TV now days. There are no Laugh tracks no down to earth plots. One episode the duo are battling copies of them selves in a sing off, when the next episode they are planning a birthday party. Its never predictable and is always an enjoyable time.

I'd have to say that my favorite episode is one where as I mentioned before are being Copied by two people who dress like them, talk like them and do everything they can to be like them. Often times beating them to the punch on many different things. After a few laughs and attempts to overcome the Copycats it all boils down to an intense 5 minute singing (crimping) montage. Brilliant

The mighty boosh is a comedy that went under many people's radars when it was originally being aired, Making it one of the few comedy's that people don't know about. Which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Its a refreshing take on comedy and when you find people who haven't seen it, introducing them to it leaves them often times hooked from start to finish.

Exploitation Mad Max review

A triumphant return to the Classic Mad Max series. Director George Miller has returned to the franchise he created back in 1979. Keeping to the the same formula Miller has managed to create a modern day action movie that never ceases to be enjoyable. Essentially one massive action sequence we begin with a shot of max, staring over the vast Australian wasteland. A brief moment of calm before the inevitable sound of Engines rush in and we are whisked back into the Mad Max world.

The film itself is a visual masterpiece, The orange and yellow landscapes are enticing yet vividly dangerous. Everything in the wasteland looks like it either wants to kill you or goes on for an eternity. In true Mad max style the real stars of the show are the vehicles. Each one is visually stunning, clearly emphasizing the type of people that drive them and what there faction is all about. Wether it be the Immortans fast, wild cars of the scavengers motorbikes showing there speed. 

The characters them selves are also effected by this visual style, with the War boys being Shirtless, scarred and painted clearly expressing themselves as a war type faction where as Max is in more normal attire, save for his one shoulder pad, showing him to be someone who is just trying to survive out in the Wasteland. 

As with the original movies, Mad Max 2015 is still and Ozploitation movie. A genre of Exploitation that cropped up in Australia after the ban on R rated movies was lifted in 1971. This led on to a wealth of Violent, sexual and often low budget movies being created. Mad Max shows this call back to old R rated Aussie movies thanks to its on screen violence that is prevalent throughout the movie. People being shot, stabbed and run over on screen for everyone to enjoy is the key thing for Exploitation cinema. Its designed to bring you in with something a little edgy (although nowadays the idea of a violent film isn't so Distant. 

Upon watching this movie for the third time, I felt the Miller and perfected upon the world that he had created over 30 years ago. Showing more us more of the way's people lived in the world and what they would do if everything was taken away from them. The film itself is visually stunning and the character's were well developed, except for Max as his character has been explored in many other movies before this one.

All in All Mad Max is a re invigoration of the Post apocalyptic genre and a refreshing addition to the Action scene. Providing both tension and excitement where many other films before it fall flat.