Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Further Worm Concepts

Some further concept work for my Hookworm. The image on the far left is what I will be basing my final design around. It is much more organic looking then my previous designs, distancing it from the metallic looking Xenomorph. The ones next too it show a more armored design and the image I based my designs on.

Life Drawing: Single Image Test

Inside the Egg Concept Art:

I wanted to get a feel of what the inside of my eggs would be like. Although I wont be showing the environment in my Animation I feel that as I am creating a world, this would be an important detail to consider. The Hookworm design is one of my older ones, so its not the final design, however I still think this looks pretty awesome.

The atmosphere and style also fits in with the previous piece of Environment art I uploaded a few days earlier.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Jurassic park Review

Jurassic Park 
Steven Spielberg

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Jurassic Park

Figure 1: Jurassic Park Movie Poster

Jurassic Park, a spectacle that everyone has seen weather it be on an ITV re run or back in the day when it was released. What it lacks in story, it makes up for in fantastic visual effects that still hold up to this day and incredible set pieces that have been mimicked and re used ever since it's release."The effects have barely aged and the joy is timeless." (Richards,2013) A perfect adventure, thriller movie that blends both early stage CGI and animatronic technology incredibly well, creating a believable world that is grounded and sticks to its own ideas.

The plot, if not already known, revolves around an eccentric billionaire who has found a way to reproduce a race of creatures that has been extinct for millions of years. Dinosaurs. Placing them on an island and turning it into a revolutionary theme park. After inviting scientist's and others to the park, a series of events ensues that leaves the group fending for their lives against a species designed to hunt mammals like us.

Figure 2: John Hammond

The main part of this movie is obviously the visually stunning Dinosaurs that play a huge role in movie."Spielberg was wise to not rely entirely on computer images, rather blending the new technology with old-fashioned practical designs" (Dunks,2014) Using a blend of CGI and Animatronic's Spielberg has created, creatures that look and feel like they exist in the world. Everything from the triceratops to the Velociraptors and the T-rex are believable, making the wonder and dread that the Sam Neil's character experience even more real. The dinosaurs are what makes the set pieces in this film truly astounding and the stories behind some of them even more interesting. 

The scene where the T Rex attacks the convey is the films most recognizable moment. We finally get to experience the fear that these creatures can convey. We see the T Rex move, we hear it roar and its just marvelous.  Whilst the T Rex is the biggest dinosaur on the island it is far from the films most well known creature. That would go to the Velociraptor's."They were absolutely frightening when they were first revealed" (Reyes,2014) The hyper intelligent pack animals that lead to the phrase "clever girl" becoming a well known phrase in cinema. These beast's bring the thriller factor to the movie, turning it into what seems to be a slasher movie of sorts. They hunt down the main group, keeping themselves hidden until they strike. Their horrific screech and the way they move makes them some of the scariest creatures to ever be shown in film. 

Figure 3: Velociraptor

This film isn't all about the dinosaurs however, the characters introduced to us all have a profound effect on the atmosphere of the movie. Sam Neil's character, Alan Grant, establishes from the beginning that he doesn't like children. This begins to change throughout the movie when he is stranded with the two grandchildren of Doctor Hammond, the man who created the Island. As events unfold he begins to become more protective of the children and the final shot of the film solidifies the idea of him becoming open to the idea of having children. 

Then we have Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum. Talking about the theoretical side of the inhabitants and how nature cannot be controlled or ceased by humanity. The scientist's have genetically modified the dinosaurs to only be female, however as accurately shown by Malcolm in the helicopter when he ties the two female ends of the seat belt together. Life finds a way of prospering, in this case dinosaurs spontaneously changing their sex.

Figure 4: T-Rex

In short, Jurassic park is a stunning visual masterpiece that hold's up even in today's over blown CGI world. The story is complex yet also simple and the characters and dinosaurs memorable and appealing in many different ways. 


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Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Jaws Movie Review

Steven Spielberg

Figure 1: Jaws Movie Poster

Jaws, the movie that sent millions of people feeling from the sight of water back in the 70's. The movie that sparked the wave of Galeophobia that we see today in many of the older and younger audiences of this movie."Enjoyment derived from tension and fear" (Huls,2014) This is a Film that takes great delight in establishing interesting and developed characters then placing them into situations that have the audience biting their finger nails in suspense, slowly edging their way towards the front of their seats.

A pretty basic story, A small sea side town is plagued by attacks on swimmers by a large Great White Shark, resulting in the towns reputation as a beloved tourist attraction to fall and three men going out of their way to put the beast down for good. Jaws blends the usual Horror tropes like tense music and shadowy villains that don't appear until right at then end, with the pacing of an older action movie. Cutting between tense, action sequences with the men battling the shark, and more quiet scenes where we are given insight into our main protagonists and their lives.

Figure 2: Our main characters

Spielberg succeeded in creating a movie that manages to stay within its own universe and contexts. The characters are there to interact with the events that are currently happening along with the audience and are not there to justify the plot, to create a significant reason why the story is unfolding. We get all of the information that we need about the Great White and its reason for the way it is acting from the excellent performance that Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) the resident shark expert, had illustrated. He is there to give the audience all of the information that they need, leaving the other character's to create a believable atmosphere and become something that we the audience are routing for towards the end of the film.

The character's are what make this film as interesting and enjoyable as it is. Brody (Roy Scheider) is our main protagonist, a man who is scared of the water and see's the shark as much bigger threat then everyone else around him. His feeling's reflect the audience and how throughout this movie we are steadily being fed the fear of the water and what can lurk below. In contrast to Scheider's character we have Quint (Robert Shaw) as the self proclaimed shark hunter."Shaw brings a degree of cheerful exaggeration to his role as Quint, stomping around like a cross between Captain Queeg and Captain Hook" (Ebert,1975). A man who lives for the water and doesn't see jaws as a huge threat until the very end of the film, where they are left defenseless in the water, with a sinking boat.

Figure 3: Quint during his monologue

However this doesn't mean that Quint doesn't deserve some sympathy. Later on in the film he delivers a 5 minute long monologue on past events that I don't want to spoil in the review. It changes the way you see this hardened captain and grounds him in Spielberg's world.

Finally we come to the centerpiece of the movie. Jaws himself. Using a mix of real Great White footage and a mechanical shark we see what appears to be a living, breathing killing machine. We get to look into its eye as it ravages the only safe place for out characters and relentlessly kills everything in his path.

Figure 4: Jaws

Jaws is a thrilling mix of Adventure, Action and Horror that blends the tropes from all three seamlessly. Delivering a compelling cast of characters and a story that will keep you hooked from start to finish. "Quite simply, Jaws is a masterclass in blockbuster entertainment -- a tense, exciting thriller that redefined contemporary cinema. They don't make them like this anymore."(Reynolds,2013) 

Alexander Huls, Movie Mezzanine,, December 18 2013

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Figure 1: Jaws movie poster,

Figure 2: Main Characters,

Figure 3: Monologue,

Figure 4: Jaws,

Monday, 23 March 2015

Maya Tutorials: X Ray Shader

X Ray Tutorial
This is another of the Texturing tutorials. Showing how to create an X ray type effect using some simple nodes and tweaks with hyper shades. After completing this tutorial I feel that It could come in handy with my final animation as I need to find a way to show the hookworms journey through the vessels of the body.
Something to look into and experiment with.



Maya Tutorial: Double Sided Shader

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Quick piece of Concept Art

Just a quick piece of concept art to see how my newer idea would look in a space. I'm changing up my egg designs, making them much closer to the hookworms method of transportation.

Its not my best piece but its helps to get the idea across.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Maya Tutorial: Tails

Maya Tutorial: Eyes rig

Maya Tutorial: Piston/Chicken Leg

Maya: Batch rendering and Matte's

Duel: movie review

Steven Spielberg

Duel poster.jpg

Figure 1: Duel Movie Poster

Steven Spielberg is seen by some as a master craftsman of film making. With films like Jaws, Jurassic park and ET under his belt, it would be hard to argue against that statement, even when looking at some of his more recent films (Crystal skull having never happened and all that). However in order to truly see a director with immense talent we cannot forget one of his earlier films. Duel. Released in 1971 as a television movie, shows the immense levels of genius that brought Spielberg into the hall of greats among Hollywood. "Spielberg was once a member of that Rat Pack of audacious, experimental directors who defined the American New Wave"(Justice,2005) The way this movie is shot leaves much to the imagination and creates an incredible level of suspense that is unseen in many modern movies. 

Duel is centered around a middle aged man driving across the country on a business trip in which he comes under attack from a mysterious Truck driver, bent on killing him for no explained reason. The very simple plot does not detract from the immense amount of atmosphere that has been created. The looming truck in the background is always a constant threat throughout the entire film, leaving the audience always on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if he ever escapes the threat of death or if he is going to be chased the entire way. Probably the best example of this type of feeling is the scene about half way through the film in the cafe. By showing us that the culprit is somewhere in the Cafe and having us go through the characters head as he tries to figure out who is trying to kill him. We are drawn into his mind, seeing it as he is seeing it. Figuring the story out along with him. 

On the surface the movie is about a man trying to kill another man for what seems like fun, however underneath the movie is secretly about masculinity in the average man. "The subtext of this highway duel is masculinity, as suggested by Mann's phone conversation with his wife when he calls her from the gas station, before the action begins in earnest." (Howard, 2011) Howard is referring to the conversation at the beginning of the movie in which David ( the main character) apologies for an argument the night before where he had "failed" to defend his wife from someone being too touchy. This is focusing on his inability to defend his wife and fail to assert his own strength.

This is idea is continued when comparing the truck that is trying to kill Mann and the smaller car that he is driving, The Truck in this case referring to a huge imposing force that is overshadowing the masculinity of Mann s much smaller, less threatening car. Its showing the huge amounts of pressure that is placed on men in society and the pressure they face in being strong willed and protective. This is further shown in the scene with the stranded bus. With Mann being reluctant to help out but when he attempts, he only manages to get himself lodged in the bumper, facing the humiliating faces of the children, mocking him. However the stronger truck then comes along and moves the bus with ease, showing the more powerful side that needs to be displayed.

"Spielberg's first film finds the director ruthlessly exploiting a devastatingly simple premise to extraordinary effect."(Fortgang,2003) Duel was indeed Spielberg's first movie and it still shows the immense amount of creativity and passion that he moved into the rest of his work, cementing him as one of Hollywood's greatest directors.


Chris Justice (2005), Duel 1971,, Classic

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Fortgang (2003) Duel movie review, Channel 4

Figure 1: Movie Poster

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Birds: Film Review

The Birds
Alfred Hitchcock

Arguably Hitchcock's most interesting and suspense filled movie of his career, the Birds is an intriguing look into the way Hitchcock views women, and how nature can be just as scary as a knife wielding psychopath. With a premise that could rival B movies from the last couple of generations and inspired the wonderfully excellent Birdemic. "The only thing dated is the special effects. The suspense holds up very well."(Nash,2010) The Birds builds suspense from the opening scene, you are left forever wondering when the onslaught will begin and are left waiting for an incredible amount of time, as Nash points out the special effects are dated, yet still manage to strike a sense of fear into audiences. 

The film is incredibly simple in terms of the outlining story. Another of Hitchcock's signature Blonde bombshells (played by Tippi Hedren) meets a man in a pet shop and then proceeds to follow him across the country in order to surprise him with a gift. All seems to be going well until the Birds start to attack. From here on its a survival movie at its core. With our cast of terrified actors trying to stave off the onslaught of killer Birds. 

Figure 2: Melanie Daniels

For a movie about Birds this movie does seem to take its time in getting to the scenes where you actually experience any peril. The first half of the movie is more of a romance with the main character Melanie Daniels, tracking down a man she just met in a pet store and secretly delivering a pair of Love birds to his house, unnoticed. The attitude of this character is incredibly similar to the way we see another of Hitchcock's female characters. North by Northwest's Eve Kendall is incredibly forward with the main, male lead from the outset however both eventually develop into stronger characters. Kendall being revealed to be a double agent who can easily take care of herself and Daniels being an apathetic liar who will do anything to try and one up other people. It is not until later on in the movie when the Birds start to attack that we begin to see Daniels begin to develop into a more loving character, going out of her way to try and save people and children plus becoming quite close friends with a lady she had just met. 

Figure 3: Melanie and Annie Hayworth

In terms of women in the film, Daniels may be one of the strongest characters, however she assists in proving one of theories about this movie. Some theorists and analysts believe that this movie is a "resounding warning about what happens when a flirty female tries to make a joke. women (a) are all about men and (b) can't get along because they're so busy pecking and squabbling over men".(Bidisha,2010) This is what makes the film a deeper subject then just purely looking at a bunch of people running in fear from Birds. It shows the relationships between woman and how they can be incredibly defensive and protective over people they know or used to love. It could also be seen as a reflection of the way that Hitchcock views women. As a group of jealous individuals who's lives revolve around men and by acting that way and pushing each other away they ultimately get the thrashing that they deserve. In this case from a group of psycho crows. 

The main part of this movie, the huge variety of birds is what makes this movie the masterpiece that so many people believe it to be. This movie frightened thousands of people upon release due to hitch-cock's ability to take some thing so innocent and turn it into what is essentially a Zombie apocalypse type scenario."Alfred Hitchcock has fashioned a major work of cinematic art"(Sarris,2013). When Daniels is sitting outside the school is one of the most suspense filled and cinematic scenes I've seen in a long time. As the camera cuts from Daniels to the climbing frame, more and more crows begin to appear, until they eventually fill the park. Whilst this brought out a more then a few chuckles from my colleagues, there is something oddly powerful about that scene. It shows the threat that these creatures can pose and how they can increase in number incredibly quickly, much like Zombie's.

Figure 4: The Birds

In short the Birds is a deep look into the views of women from the acclaimed director and succeeds in turning a small innocent creature into something of nightmare proportions. 


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Figure 1: The Birds Movie Poster 1963

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

North by North West: Film Review

North by Northwest
Alfred Hitchcock
Run time:  136 minutes

Figure 1: Movie Poster

A suspenseful, classic Hitchcock caper/thriller. Seen as one of the most entertaining films of Hitchcock's career. North by Northwest is a wonderful mix of suspense, mystery, comedy and romance that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat's the entire time."It has all the classic elements of a Hitchcock film - well timed suspense, an overall mystery, a compelling cast and some brilliantly conceived scenes"(Carr,2011). Reuniting with Carey Grant and Eva Marie Saint, two actors Hitchcock had previously worked with, North by Northwest has a cast and story that is charming on so many levels and will capture your hearts and minds. Leaving you wanting more by the end of it.

Simply the movie is a foray into the mistaken Identity and unlikely hero aspects that many of Hitchcock's films detail. When a man is mistaken for a government agent and taken by a group of foreign spies, he is chased around the country in an attempt to uncover the mystery behind the elusive George Kaplan and what Ms Kendall has to do with everything that has been happening.

Figure 1: Carey Grants Roger Thornhill

As previously mentioned this move is just one big caper which continues to escalate as the time progresses."North by Northwest, Alfred Hitchcock's very own adrenalin-fuelled action blockbuster"(Maher). Starting with a kidnapping, the story quickly moves into the territory of attempted murder and mystery. The pace at which this plot moves is breathtaking in the literal form. escalating time and time again. There is a rare few moments where we see the character Roger Thornhill not running from police, a plane or foreign gunmen. Carey Grant makes this movie the adventure that it is, as an actor, Grant is incredibly charming and enthusiastic. Much like Sean Connery and Roger Moore as bond. Grant makes us believe that a man can woe strange ladies on the train, even if she was secretly working for the man trying to kill him, that a man can escape capture by causing a mini riot in an auction just to be taken away by the police. There is something so charming about Grant as an actor that makes the audience want him to get the girl and save the day. Whilst Grant is the highlight of this movie there is another important person in this film that needs touching on. Eve Marie Saint as Eve Kendall. This lady is another of Hitchcock's blonde Bombshells that he place in all of his movies. Initially starting out as a mysterious character how seems to fall in love with Grant out of nowhere actually turns out to be an incredibly strong character, working as a double agent trying to foil the villain, played by James Mason, plans. This duo make the film what is and make the climax of the movie just so much better.

Figure 2: Grant and Saint share and Intimate moment

Throughout this movie, Hitchcock used a number of great set pieces and environments for his events to unfold. Starting with the scene on the train. Being confined in such a small area, with policemen coming in from either side creates a huge amount of tension and the way he manages to escape them is a work of genius, leading into a seemingly rushed display of affection between Saint and Grant. The next set piece being one of the most remembered moment from any Hitchcock movie, being emulated in many different shows including the Simpsons."North By Northwest's expert pacing, intriguing characters and outlandish plot are often cited as the reason for its enduring popularity. The crop-duster scene cheerfully took all of these elements and combined them with masterful editing to create a truly unforgettable action sequence and a wonderful piece of cinema."(Onanuga,2013) This scene is incredibly complex and includes a ton of different camera angles, around 61 different shots in total. The scene is so exhilarating, watching Grant trying to escape the onslaught of a Crop duster in an area with seemingly no cover makes the entire event so much more exciting. The question "how is he going to escape" was running through my mind the whole time and when we finally see how it blew my mind in only a way that Hitchcock could. Tricking the plane to crash into a passing vehicle was just amazing.

Figures 3-4: Grant running from the Crop duster and the different camera shots for the scene marked out.

Ultimately with this movie we see a seemingly normal character in Grants, Roger Thornhill become a suave and charming character that we all root for near the end of the Film.


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Rope Film Review

Alfred Hitchcock

An enticing movie which draws the audience into the scene of a crime, Rope may not be as well known as The Birds or Psycho, however it is one of Hitchcock's most experimental and intriguing movies of his career. Released in 1948, Rope boasts a small yet effective cast as John Dall and Farley Granger play the the main characters of this piece bringing the eccentric yet risque pair to life.
The film is set around the scene of a crime where we a young man is murdered and the two culprits attempt to keep the body a secret whilst entertaining a group of avid dinner guests, however as the night progress one of the guests starts to piece together the events that unfolded shortly before their arrival. Leading to a remarkable series of tension and moments of extreme suspense.

Figure 1: Phillip and Brandon 

Rope does a remarkable job of drawing the audience into the events that are unfolding on the screen, a tactic that Hitchcock has mastered to a tee. By showing us the murder at the start of the film and placing the evidence right in front of us and the other characters has you constantly on the edge of your seat, wondering when one of the actors is going to find the gruesome scene that is sitting a short distance away from them. That's what stands out in this movie for me as the story unfolds we see the culprits starting to develop in two different ways. John Dall's character, Brandon starts to feel proud of himself and starts to flaunt what he has done in the faces of the other characters to see how far he can go without getting caught. After strangling David with the piece of rope, Brandon looks almost proud as he walks into the kitchen and drops it into the drawer and when he uses the same piece of rope to tie up books for the Father of the man he just murdered, its as if he takes delight in the idea of something so gruesome begin used for something so meaningless however later on it comes back to bite him.

Figure 2: Phillip and Brandon Arguing 

His partner Phillip takes on a different personality, he starts to become much more agitated and ashamed of what they have done and as Brandon continues to flaunt their actions in front of the guests and family he starts to break down and go on the offensive, becoming drunk in an attempt to remove what they have done. These kinds of personalities can be associated with the older stereotypes of Homosexual couples from that era, where there were frequent Sadist/masochist relationships with one person being the more dominant of the two "As the movie opens, Brandon, who easily dominates his homosexual lover, Philip"(Canby,1984), in this case Brandon, and one being more submissive, Phillip. Phillip is the only one that really come's to terms with what the two have done, yet Phillip controls him into keeping his mouth shut and avoiding the situation entirely. 

Rope is supposedly a one shot film: an early experiment by Hitchcock to create a movie entirely in one singular shot. "he arranged the screenplay in 10-minute sections, and at the end of each section he used an “invisible wipe” to get to the next magazine"(Ebert,1984)  Whilst this seems impressive in the movie there were in fact multiple cuts throughout the entire movie, generally when the camera zooms into a characters back. Apart from theses few moments the movie was entirely one shot. A lot of work went into the filming of this movie as around the time of the film being made there was no access to things like Steady cam and cameras were not very mobile. Leading to a less smooth shoot as furniture is moved around the room as the camera comes through and then placed back in the exact position. It must have required a huge amount of planning and ultimately makes the movie even more marvelous to watch.

"Hitchcock is torturing his audience, for sure, but he is also parading his own cleverness, and like Brandon, on some level he wants to be found out, too."(Hutchinson, 2012) By placing the box in front of us as the audience and having the different characters interact with object in many different ways, coming inches away from discovering the terrible secret that is being flaunted so obviously is what makes this movie a masterpiece. The scene with the maid clearing the table goes on for so long, bringing myself ans many people around me onto the edge of their seats. Just waiting for the lid to be lifted, however when it is Brandon is there to shut it and keep the secret hidden. 

In the end Hitchcock had succeed in making a movie where the audience has to sit and watch as a party of unsuspecting people are flaunted in front of and there is nothing we can do. Until a character comes along and pieces things together. A man called Rupert manages to piece together the story which is when the film really starts to get good, You can see that as he starts to interact with the two, mainly Phillip, the seed of though starts to grow. Turning the story into a sort of cat and mouse scenario where Rupert tries to uncover the truth whilst Brandon and Phillip try to throw him off the trail.

Figure 3: Rupert begins to piece the story together. 

Rope, not the best of Hitchcock movies, but definitely one of his most creative. 


Vincent Canby, The new york Times,, June 3 1984

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Animation Storyboard: Pre Ink @Phil

Here is the Storyboard for my Animation. This is only the rougher pencil drawing as I want to get some feedback before I commit to inking the frames.

Im going for a similar vibe as the Alien trailers as suggested and hope that I have been able to capture that in the small number of frames that I have completed.

Animation Show reel:

Here is a link to the Almost complete Animatic on Youtube. It has been a busy few days in my house so I haven't had much time outside of Uni to get work done, what with helping out and all that.

This Show reel has a few black spots where I need to place a few of the process images plus I still need to find our groups pixilation video as it was not on The PC in the Base room. I apologise for this but it has been incredibly busy for me.

I hope to have the finished piece up later today when the workers leave.

Animation Show Reel

Friday, 6 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: OGR 1: (Had it set to upload at the wrong date and time, woops)

I figure this had already gone Live, but it turns out I have just set it to upload around next month. Make sure you check when you schedule updates guys.

Fantastic Voyage: Influence Map 2: Similar Character Influences

Photo Shop Master Class: Week 2

This week in our Photoshop Master Class, Jordan Changed it up and gave us some Life drawing work to complete, with a table full of objects for us to draw in many different ways. A lot of my work was mainly just pencil drawings, So i figured I would show you the Drawing that I feel shows the activities we completed on the day the best.

This image of the skull on show, was part of the exercise to start using a different medium, rather then just pencil.

Influence Map 1: Mixed ( Character/Environment)

This is the First Influence Map I have created a few days ago. It mainly focuses on one influence for the designs for my Hookworm. ( Xenomorph) and a few style influences for my environment's and overall animation.

These Influences are taken from the Alien Franchise, A few Horror animations that are great to watch and the video games Limbo and Ori.

Fantastic Voyage: Hookworm Thumbnails. 1-17

These are some of my Initial Ideas for my Hookworm design. I want to make my animation a little bit more Science Fiction and dark, as I am not trying to target younger children, I am aiming for Older people who Like me get much more invested in things and learn more when a topic or lesson has some form of scary or dark theme to it. 

Right now my designs are incredibly Alien-esque which is a problem, I was just having a bit of fun with the drawings and seeing what they would come out like. I want to use Alien as an influence but this may be a bit too close. Tell me what you think.

As you can see I am going for the sharper, more threatening design with my worm, and having them grow and sprout out of eggs at the start of the Animation before the rest of the story Continues. 

These drawing's were done quickly with charcoal, as I wanted to try and get a feel for the shapes of the worm and the way it may move when animated. 

These designs are the last few before I start to actively move away from the Alien design and try some more Ideas. I like these designs a lot and it will be hard to choose something else, but we will see in the coming days.