Friday, 5 February 2016

Adaptation A: Info graphic and Art of

(Just noticed I spelt Medieval wrong in the opening scene, I will amend it when I have a minute to spare)

Finally got it finished. Took me a while with my limited knowledge of after effects so hopefully it turned out
well enough :)

I was originally going for a more modern style, however as I was making assets I felt myself leaning more towards a simpler design, similar to presentation's I was exposed to as a child.

Infographic (Adaptation) from Lewis Maddison on Vimeo.

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  1. Lewis, I’m sorry to say that I struggled to understand your infographic, particularly in relation to your ‘history of’ title. There is no real ‘history of’ in your film instead it’s a group of facts that appear in one period of history. To put this another way, the history of World War 2 would feature the beginning to end of that event, or at least a sequence of important events that sum up that event sequentially. To compound this problem further your use of graphics is very confusing, almost unreadable in places - floating iconography and text, overlapping, blending, turning, disappearing, appearing – it all has no real clear purpose graphically speaking. To put this simply, your work is more of a scrap book page than a graphically laid out magazine page. The goal of the project was to present information in a clear and concise manner to an audience. On those terms your project has somewhat missed the point.

    There are a far too many problems to discuss in this written feedback so instead we will discuss them in your next tutorial. However, my general advice is to make sure you understand what the goal of the project is in future, research the topic (look at examples), identify a methodology (analyse the examples), and then produce and refine your work. At the moment you are failing to take those steps and instead you’re tending towards ‘making it up as you go’. For example there are no (professional) video infographics out there that looks like yours. Surely you would have known that if you had looked? If you did then you ignored your observations. As you can tell there is an air of frustration in this feedback that’s because some of the things I’m mentioning here are ‘day one, week one’ concepts. I also think you’re capable of better work if you apply yourself and invest in a ‘proper’ research and design pipeline. Lewis, for Adaptation part B go back to basics and make work in an ‘informed’ manner.