Friday, 6 March 2015

Illustrator Lesson: 06/03/2015

Illustrator Lesson: 06/03/2015

This image shows examples of the different tools that we had to experiment with In this afternoon's session.

The top left shows how you can rotate different shapes around a point and then color them individually to create a unique design. To get the spiral effect coming off the design, I used the transform tool, to create a few copies of the Image and rotate it, into the design you see.

The next design is a swatch, created by turning the initial design into a pattern and then placing it into a newly created shape.

Next we used the Pen tool and stroke tool to create different linear designs.

The two images in the middle show how you can create interesting shapes and designs using the Mesh tool. Moving them around the shape, changes the way the gradient interacts with the surface, giving a possible 3d Effect if done correctly.

The final design is simply creating a bunch of shapes and then merging some together to form different shapes or larger variations of the same shape.

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