Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Continued Story Developments.

(This post has been saved as a draft for a few days due to a mistake on my part, sorry about that)

Over the past few days I have been thinking more about the story that I want to try and convey in my animation. My initial ideas, although not terrible, still feel into some of the more generic ideas of story telling, oppressive parents and all that. So I decided to take one of the ideas that I came up with, that wasn't as generic a story and continue to adapt it. 

The idea I have chosen to focus on was the third idea from my first post;

"Taxidermist who is proud of his job and loves everything he does, acts rather whimsically when working, often dancing with the animals and statues he creates. Once his work is complete, he cleans himself up, changes clothes and walks out of his house to reveal an amazing circus with the animals that he created dotted around the grounds. He then proceeds to enter a bouncy castle with some more of his creations which appear to be moving now, bouncing in sync with him. The animation end’s with this scene slowly fading out. Creating a sense of a dreamlike state. Leaving the audience to decide if the man has gone insane or is living a dream."

Reading back over this Idea now I can see that although it isn't that generic, the story as a whole isn't as interesting too me now so I decided to change it a little bit and try to make it a more compelling story. 

My improved idea for this story is that of a Taxidermist who is in bad mental place after the death of his wife. As a way of coping with the grief and the idea of losing the one he loves, he creates this imaginary circus type world, which is inhabited by the creatures that he has been working on over the years. A common theme throughout this world is the subtlety places images of his wife, weather that be on a poster, dressed as a performer or the owner of the circus, or represented by certain items in shown in the area. Coming back to the taxidermist, this world he has created is one of happiness, and he shows this by dancing and playing with his pieces of work, that seem to come alive in this world. 

He dances and moves around them, eventually ending up falling onto the floor of a large bouncy castle that is frequently seen throughout the "dream", as his head hits the base of the castle, the world begins to revert back to the darker confines of his office, where he sits up and see's a picture of his wife on a table, bringing a sad, smile to his face. 

1. The ending of this idea has changed a few time's in my head, I originally wanted it to end with the circus converting into a padded room in a mental ward, with the character surrounded by items such as a picture of his wife and a few select stuffed animals that he worked on with his partner. I eventually thought that this idea may be a bit too dark for the kind of story that I am trying to tell so I decided to change it for a more fulfilling and beautiful (perhaps not the best word) ending. 

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